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Fees, Expenses, and Travel Requirements

In Office Drawing or Meetings – 

$75 per hour

$500 per day


On Site – Programming or Design

            $850 per day


On Site – Designing and Programming 

            $1100 per day


Multi-day project rate discounts negotiable. 


Unless otherwise negotiated, design fees are paid in three installments;

25% - Contract signed

25% - Final plans are submitted and approved

50% - Project opening or final day on-site whichever comes first. 


$75 per day per diem when greater than 50 miles from St. Petersburg, FL to be paid first day on-site.


Rental car or local transportation (i.e. Uber, Lyft) provided or reimbursed.


Single occupancy in first-class hotel. 


Delta or Delta Partner preferred, or flight credit reimbursed. 

Any flights over six hours business class or better otherwise one paid recuperation day for every six hours time change from EST. 


All approved out-of-pocket expense reimbursements paid within 30 days of project completion. 

Invoices not paid after 30 days will be charged a 1% fee.


Kr38 Creative LLC maintains General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. 

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